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a fifty year transformation


hand-fabricated & designed by Jim Stabe



The Wide MGB is a stunning reimagination of a 1960's MGB roadster that beautifully blends classic British lines with modern performance. It is a unique vehicle that reflects a 50-year transformation from a modest sports car to a high-performance machine capable of reaching supercar-level performance.


The entire car has been hand-fabricated and finished by its owner, Jim Stabe, in his San Diego home shop.

The Wide MGB is currently offered for sale. Please inquire below.

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The Wide MGB features a monocoque structure rather than the body-on-frame construction of its predecessors. This welded sheetmetal structure provides strength and rigidity by distributing forces from the suspension and drivetrain throughout the entire unibody structure.


The MGB's monocoque was widened by 11 inches, strengthened, and modified to incorporate the LT1 powertrain and C4 Corvette front and rear suspensions.

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Under the hood, the Wide MGB boasts a powerful 350 cubic inch LT1 Chevrolet engine from a Z28 Camaro. The engine features aluminum heads ported by Advanced Induction and a Vortech centrifugal supercharger that produces 8-10 psi boost pressure. With 11:1 compression ratio on 91 octane pump gas, the engine's output reaches an impressive 535 hp at 5,800 RPM and 550 ft-lbs of torque at 4,200 RPM. To achieve this level of power, all critical fasteners in the engine were replaced with ARP bolts or studs for added strength.


The engine also features a boost-activated water-methanol injection system, a custom ground hydraulic roller camshaft, 54mm twin throttle body, larger fuel injectors, and a high-capacity in-tank fuel pump. 

The power is fed to a 6-speed Borg Warner T56 transmission with a relocated shifter through a hydraulicly operated ACT clutch rated for 640 ft lbs torque. The car is also equipped with a custom serpentine belt system, a large Griffin aluminum radiator, and a Meziere electric water pump to keep the engine cool.


The Wide MGB's body is immediately recognizable as an MGB, although less than 10% of the original car remains. Every body panel is either fabricated from scratch or heavily modified to give the car a heftier, more aggressive look. All body seams are welded and finished to integrate the fenders into the unibody structure.


The car's hand-formed dash houses a full complement of Autometer instruments, while the custom aluminum windshield frame holds trimmed-down 1967 Chevrolet Impala glass.


The car's hood is fabricated from aluminum and opens forward with custom articulating hinges.


The underside of the car is entirely flat, with the exhaust pipes routed through the transmission tunnel to provide undisturbed airflow. The exhaust exits through four oval tips in the center of the rear valence.


The suspension attachment locations were accurately reproduced from the Corvette, preserving the factory geometry. The car is equipped with adjustable coilover shocks, a custom sway bar in the front, a quick-ratio rack from a ZR1 Corvette for steering, and J55 option Corvette power-assisted brakes with a 13-inch front rotor and 12-inch rear rotor. 


The Wide MGB's wheels and performance tires also contribute to its excellent cornering ability, with 17-inch wheels that are 9-½" wide up front and 11” wide at the rear from a ZR1 Corvette wrapped with 275/40ZR17 front and 315/35ZR17 rear Nitto NT05 Max Performance tires.

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