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Specs & Modifications


The stock MGB body shell is a unibody monocoque made entirely of sheet metal. Although the stock body shell is quite strong and rigid, I felt it was necessary to increase its strength and rigidity since I was planning to widen the structure 11" by cutting it in half and increase the horsepower and torque above 500.

To achieve this, I designed a backbone frame structure from tubing similar to the Lotus Elan's, which would incorporate into the existing monocoque. This would increase the stiffness and provide mounting for the LT1 Chevrolet engine, 6-speed T56 transmission, and C4 Corvette front and rear suspension pieces.

The tunnel consists of double-wall sheet steel welded to the 1" tubing tunnel structure, with 1" urethane foam sandwiched between the walls. This construction provides insulation from exhaust heat and tremendous rigidity to the monocoque. The transmission tunnel is wide enough to accommodate the larger transmission and 2 ½” exhaust pipes without them hanging below the bottom of the car.


New floorboards were fabricated 1 ½” lower to provide a completely flat bottom on the car.

Fabricated Body Parts

• Front fenders below the beltline, park/turn signal lights eliminated. Fenders flared 1/2”

• Cowl fabricated with sheet steel and welded into front fenders

• Front valence and radiator support structure fabricated from tubing and sheet steel

• Grille fabricated from rectangular steel tubing, insert is diamond

 Aluminum cool air intake ducting and air filter housing

• Front and rear bumpers from sections of stock MGB bumpers and fabricated 14 ga steel. Filled mounting bolt holes

• Hood frame and forward tilting hinge/latch mechanism

• Hood skin made in 9 pieces from two aluminum MGB hoods and fabricated sheet aluminum

• Inner front fenders and firewall are structural and fabricated from steel sheet

• Speedster style windshield frame fabricated from modified MG Midget windshield posts and ¾” aluminum channel

• Windshield glass is cut down 1967 Impala windshield

• Tubular steel cockpit surround to create rolled edge similar to an AC Cobra, door windows deleted

• Rear 7” of cockpit opening enclosed with sheet steel

• Dash and instrument cluster fabricated from sheet steel and aluminum

• Transmission tunnel formed from sheet steel and steel tubing – tunnel is double wall and insulated with 1” foam

• Floor is 1 ½” lower than stock for lower seating position

• Rear fenders and inner wheel wells fabricated from sheet steel. Flare carried forward into doors. Flared 2 ½”

• Rocker panels fabricated from sheet steel to provide larger cross section for added rigidity

• Deck lid skin and inner structure widened 11” with sheet steel

• Trunk floor and foot well bulkhead fabricated from sheet steel

• 17 gallon baffled aluminum fuel tank with in-tank pump fabricated to maximize trunk space

• Rear valence fabricated from sheet steel

• Roll bar with curved top tube from 2” DOM steel tube

Original MGB Remaining

• Top of front fenders above • Cockpit foot well outside panels

• Door jambs

• Doors and hinges and latches

• Trunk surround

• Deck lid (2 halves) and hinges


• 535 hp @ 5,800 rpm, 550 ft lbs@ 4200 rpm (at flywheel) with 8 lbs boost

• 350 cubic inch LT1 from 1995 Camaro Z28

• Advanced Induction ported heads with stainless valve and beehive springs

• 10.9:1 compression with block decked for .038” quench and .027” head gasket

• Comp Cams 220*/230* .547”/.544” 114* LSA hydraulic roller

• Comp Cams 1.6 steel roller rockers

• Baffled Z28 oil pan

• 54 mm throttle body

• 60 lb/hr injectors

• Shorty 1 5/8” headers thermal ceramic coated

• Double 2 ½” pipes into X pipe with Dynomax mufflers, 12” resonators and 4 port center exhaust tips

Power Adder

• Vortech V-1 S trim supercharger with 8-10 lbs boost

• Water/methanol injection boost triggered

• Fabricated serpentine belt drives for supercharger, alternator and power steering pump

• Griffin aluminum radiator 31” x 19” with 2 rows of 1” tubes, Ford Taurus fan and fabricated shroud

• Meziere electric 55 gpm water pump

• Fabricated remote aluminum surge tank and aluminum recovery tank

Rear End

• Close ratio T56 6 speed with .50 6 th gear. Shifter relocated 11” forward

• 11” ACT diaphragm clutch w/ 640 ft lb capacity

• C4 Corvette Dana 44 independent with 3.73 gears and positraction.

• Front and rear driveshaft safety hoops

• 88-96 C4 Corvette forged aluminum front suspension with lubricated polyurethane bushings

• 84-87 C4 Corvette shorter upper A arms used for improved camber curv

• All stock Corvette suspension pickup points were duplicated in fabricated frame/monocoque structure

• C4 Corvette J55 front brakes with 13” vented rotors, 12” vented rotors rear, EBC Green Stuff pads

• Dual vacuum boosters for front and rear brake circuits

• C4 Corvette Dana 44 rear suspension with polyurethane bushings and spherical rod ends

• QA1 adjustable coil over shocks front and rear 300 lb/in front, 450 lb/in rear springs

• Fabricated 7/8” front sway bar with spherical bearing links

• Corvette Z51 quick ratio power steering rack with Fiero collapsible intermediate shaft, fluid cooler

Rear End
Wheels & Tires

• C4 Corvette Dana 44 independent with 3.73 gears and positraction.

• Front and rear driveshaft safety hoops

• Corvette Zr1 aluminum 5 spoke wheels 9.5” x 17” front, 11” x 17” rear

• Nitto NT05 tires 275-40 front, 315-35 rear

• 84-87 Corvette seats reupholstered in black marine grade vinyl, racing 5 point belts

• Custom door panels with early Mustang arm rests, Marine grade carpet

• Wilwood pedal assembly with dual brake master cylinders and balance bar, hydraulic clutch

• Autometer Phantom 5” spedo and tach, and 2 5/8” oil pressure, water temp, volts and fuel level. 2 1/16 boost/vac

• Fiero tilt steering column with key cylinder removed

• Vintage Air heater


• As many styling cues as possible from the stock MGB were retained to maintain recognizability: Grille shape, headlight recesses, stock tail lights, bumper shape, body side reveal, wheel opening shape and stock hood contour

• Rear fenders flared 1 ½”, fronts flared ½”

• Door handles and locks eliminated

• Trunk lock and handle eliminated, remote release

• Paint is "Red" Southern Polyurethanes single stage with clear coat

• Trim is Rustoleum stainless steel spray paint with Southern Polyurethanes clear

• Stock park/turn lights eliminated, headlights incorporate park lights and turn signals

• Body seams welded and finished

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